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What does Trump’s impeachment mean for American politics?

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Donald Trump is expected to become the first former or sitting United States president to face criminal charges.

Donald Trump is expected to appear in court in New York on Tuesday, where he will become the first former US president. face criminal charges.

Charges have yet to be unsealed, but a grand jury has been investigating a $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had an extramarital affair with Trump that he has always denied.

Media reports in the US suggest that the former president could also face other charges.

Trump denies any wrongdoing and says he is the victim of a witch hunt by Democrats, whom he accuses of trying to derail his 2024 election campaign.

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Adolfo Franco – Republican strategist and senior adviser to the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on International Relations.

Claire Finkelstein: Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and Faculty Director of the Center for Ethics and Rule of Law.

Rina Shah – Founder of Rilax Strategies, a political communications and public affairs firm.

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