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What Is Vabbing, TikTok’s Latest Obsession? And Should You Be Doing It?

How do you attract a partner? The age old question. Some of our mothers told us “the way to a man’s heart is food”. Others say you should dress up, look approachable, but not too sexy because this gives us the wrong message.

And of course there’s the classic “be yourself” line, whatever that means.

But according to social media, there’s a new way to make the man (or woman) of your dreams fall in love with you: vabbing. If you haven’t heard about it just yet, log on to TikTok and you’ll see it’s doing the rounds. Vabbing – a mix of the words ‘vagina’ and ‘dabbing’ – is the act of using your vaginal fluid as perfume.

The trend was made popular by TikTokker Mandy Lee, who put out a video that got more than 1.5 million views, suggesting that vabbing increased her chances of attracting men.

“I swear if you vab you will attract people, like a date, or a one-night stand. Or you’ll just get free drinks all night,” Lee told her followers.

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