What to Cook This Week

Good morning. Happy Mother’s Day to all those women who’ve shouldered so much parental work during these last 14 months, and happy Mother’s Day personally to Dorie Greenspan, who brought us an incredible new recipe for gâteau Basque (above) this week. We all ought to make it today in honor of maternity, or Basque culture, or just because it’s delicious: two disks of rolled-out airy-crumbly dough with a baked-in filling of pastry cream or jam. It’s a cake that resembles a cake, Dorie writes in her column, as much as Boston cream pie resembles a pie — which is to say not at all. Eat it with your fingers for dessert tonight.

You can make the meal that precedes it Basque as well, if you like. We’ve got a fine recipe for fish with clams in salsa verde that would make most mothers proud. Florence Fabricant recommends making the dish with hake or halibut. Cod would work as nicely, as would haddock or flounder.

But you don’t have to. We have a load of recipes for a Mother’s Day dinner to peruse, or you can follow my lead and make kimbap, Korean “seaweed rice,” sturdy, nori-wrapped rolls of rice and fillings. Darun Kwak calls for fish cakes, Spam, eggs and vegetables in hers. I’ve swapped in imitation crab and Alaskan smoked salmon, myself. Kimbap is what you make of it.

So that’s Sunday. On Monday, how about trying your hand at baked rajma, Punjabi-style red beans with cream? It’s a dead-simple recipe that we’ve called “the indisputable king of bean dishes.”

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Now, it’s a fair distance from cheese curds and blackberries, but Parul Sehgal got me excited for Alison Bechdel’s new book. Get on that, would you?

It’s slight, but I still really liked this brief history of car keys, in the magazine published by AAA.

Would you live in an apartment in a Quonset hut? That’s happening in Detroit, according to Fast Company. (You can read more about the project here.)

Finally, music from a mom who is so much more than a mom to play us off: Kim Gordon, “Sketch Artist.” Enjoy that and I’ll be back on Monday.

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