What to Cook This Week

Good morning. I’ll be grilling today, if I can, the first fire of the season where I stay: red oak I’ll let burn down into coals. I’ll make like Pat Martin and get some sugar snap peas over the fire in a grill basket, tossed with olive oil and salt. Hit those with lemon zest and red-pepper flakes when they’re good and charred and crispy, and serve with smoke-roasted chicken (above). Griddled oranges with rosemary for dessert, with vanilla ice cream? I think so, yes.

Then again, this weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute and it’ll change. It might make more sense to post up in the kitchen and make clam chowder or chili, or a spicy pork stew with hominy and collard greens. I’d bake Guinness brownies for dessert. There’ll be plenty time to cook outside soon enough.

I’ll flip a coin and abide by its decision. There’s no losing in this game.

As for the rest of the week …

Your broiler is the secret to this amazing salmon with asparagus and herbs, nicely browning the fish and vegetables under their seasoning of mustard and soy sauce. The salad lends a fantastic freshness. I like it with rice.

A curry udon is a perfect midweek repast, particularly if you have some Japanese curry bricks in the pantry. If not, there’s a quick, from-scratch curry roux formula in the recipe that delivers a similar richness. Noodles, onion, potatoes, carrots and spinach? That’s a fine one-bowl meal.

The flavors of a chicken souvlaki combination platter come through in this recipe for Greek chicken with a salad, but the recipe’s streamlined for easy weeknight cooking. A yogurt sauce acts as a quick marinade for the chicken and as dressing for the cucumbers and tomatoes, with feta and olives. Nice.

And then you can round out the week with these crispy cilantro-chile shrimp, inspired by the cuisine of Maharashtra, on the west coast of India. A spicy, green sauce covers the shrimp, which are then dusted with farina or semolina and pan-fried until crisp. I might fold mine into naan.

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Now, it’s nothing to do with cleaning squid or skinning an eel, but Anthony Trollope was born on this day in 1815. You should read “The Way We Live Now,” his epic 1875 satire, if you haven’t already (and re-read occasionally if you have).

Here’s Alex Dimitrov’s new poem, “The Years,” in The New Yorker.

Wow, there are a lot of weed stores in Toronto. Catherine Porter wrote about that for The Times.

Finally, take some time to listen to “Ring the Alarm: A History of Sound System Culture,” produced by David Katz and Saxon Baird for Afropop Worldwide. And I’ll be back on Monday.

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