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When the spiritual mentor told Malaika Arora ‘You are not a princess’: ‘One can dress glamorously…’

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During an engaging podcast conversation, the stunning and glamorous Malaika Arora He showcased his spiritual side while discussing profound topics with AiR-Atman in Ravi, a highly respected spiritual mentor, transformational author, philanthropist, and TEDx speaker. In her illuminating exchange, AiR told Malaika that the biggest mistake she made was thinking of herself as a princess. In fact, the spiritual leader says that this is a mistake that most women make, and that Malaika should tell herself: she is a goddess. Every woman is a Goddess.

AiR expressed: “The world may perceive you as a glamorous princess. But you are not just a princess; you are a Goddess. You possess a divine soul, and when you realize this, you attain ultimate Ananda, true happiness. All that What All you have to do is discover your purpose of existence, which can be done by remembering the HAPPY mantra.”

Malaika recognized this idea and stated that while she was aware of these teachings, implementing them into daily life was the crucial next step. She expressed her intention to wake up each morning and affirm her identity as Goddess, acknowledging her realization that she is one with the Divine Soul.

Delving further into the topic, AiR shared: “Our SOUL is truly a unique spark of life, and there can be no one like Malaika. I believe that spirituality is a science of the spirit, where one can dress up in glamor and still be a goddess.” “. one with the Divine Soul, and experience supreme happiness. Many people mistakenly associate spirituality with renunciation. Two thousand years ago, Buddha renounced the ordinary world of the palace, taking an extreme step. On the other hand, Raja Janak, the father of Sita, took the middle path, embodying spirituality while carrying out his mundane duties.

It is possible to enjoy the world and still follow a spiritual path, where one understands the Divine Spirit. That Divine Spirit resides in every cell of human beings. Therefore, every Malaika cell is a Goddess, leading us to realize that we possess the Supreme Immortal Power or SIP, the Divine Power that makes us all Goddesses.”

Meanwhile, Malaika Arora is in a relationship with arjun kapoor. The duo never fails to shell out important partner goals. They publicly acknowledged their relationship on Instagram in 2019. The couple responded to criticism of their 12-year age difference by demonstrating their unwavering chemistry. Now, fans are hoping the couple will take their relationship to the next level. Well, whether they will get married or not, only time will tell.

On the work front, Malaika Arora recently appeared in the music video titled Tera Ki Khayal with Guru Randhawa. In addition, her show, Moving In With Malaika, was also released earlier, giving viewers an exclusive look into her life. The series is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

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