Who on ‘Big Brother’ was nominated for eviction? The housemates on the block

The latest Big Brother 2022 nominations have been revealed, following the confirmation of a new Head of Household.

With six weeks left in the competition, we are officially halfway through Season 24 of the CBS reality show and things are heating up for the Houseguests still in the running to win.

The arrival of a new Head of Household for Week 6 of Big Brother means that two Houseguests have been nominated and could be at risk of going home—depending on how the Power of Veto competition plays out.

In recent weeks, the Leftovers alliance has commanded power in the house and has managed to successfully evict three of their targets, but will their reign continue this week?

Taylor Hale has been named as this week’s Head of Household on “Big Brother” 2022.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about the latest Head of Household and nominations on Week 6 of Big Brother 2022.

Who Is Head of Household on Big Brother 2022 Week 6?

After a challenging endurance task, Taylor Hale was revealed as the new Head of Household on Big Brother.

She picked up the title from Michael Bruner who was Head of Household last week. Michael was also the winner of the Week 5 Power of Veto competition.

Who Has Been Nominated on Big Brother 2022 Week 6?

As the new Head of Household, Taylor was tasked with nominating two Houseguests.

Last week on Big Brother, host Julie Chen Moonves had some big news for the Houseguests as she told them that the “Festie Bestie” twist was over. This meant players would no longer be playing with partners and would compete individually once again.

Big Brother Indy Terrance
“Big Brother” contestants Indy Santos (L) and Terrance Higgins have been put up for nomination and are at risk of going home.

With the “Festie Bestie” twist no longer in play, Taylor did not have to choose a pair to nominate and could pick two individual players.

The Leftovers alliance has enjoyed a hugely successful run in the past few weeks, managing to get competitors Ameerah Jones, Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston evicted, but they are now running out of targets. Eventually, the Leftovers will have to begin turning on each other but there should be a few more weeks before they get to that stage.

After much deliberation, Taylor decided to nominate Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins. Taylor has hinted that Terrance will be her target for eviction this week, though she has been bluffing to Indy, Alyssa Snider and Jasmine Davis (who are not in the Leftovers alliance) that she wants Monte Taylor out.

As Big Brother fans know, the nominations could change this week as whoever wins the Power of Veto competition has the power to change them.

Meanwhile on Big Brother, unbeknownst to the Houseguests, there is a big “split” twist coming up that will no doubt shake the competition up. Last week, Big Brother viewers were told that on Thursday, August 18, the contestants will be divided into two groups that will not be able to interact with each other.

Two separate games will commence for the entire week and this twist will culminate in a double eviction on August 25.

Big Brother continues Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

Big Brother Joseph and Turner
“Big Brother” fans know that everything could still change, especially with the new “split” twist coming up.

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