‘Why are you crying?’: Qantas ad promoting vaccination hits hard for Australians unable to travel

Qantas has released a new ad that promotes getting a Covid-19 vaccine, and it tugs at the heartstrings of Australians longing to travel again.

The ad appeals to those who have been separated from loved ones overseas, with scenes of what the future might offer when vaccination rates are high enough.

Set to the Tones and I song Fly Away, the spot is part of the airline’s ‘Be Rewarded’ campaign, which offers discounts and incentives to vaccinated customers.

Qantas has released an ad inspiring Australians to look forward to the opportunities of a vaccinated society.

Dr Nick Coatsworth, an infectious diseases physician and Australia’s former deputy chief health officer, who featured in one of the federal government’s original Covid-19 ads, applauded the Qantas campaign.

“This is how you get people looking forward to what a vaccinated society looks like,” Coatsworth wrote as he shared the ad on Twitter.

Many praised the ad on social media, with some saying they shed a tear over the thought of travel and reuniting with friends and family.

The move by Qantas is part of a growing trend of pro-vaccination advertising campaigns from organisations in the business and arts communities, such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

It comes after the Morrison government’s more gloomy offerings, including the “arm yourself” campaign, which was criticised for leaning into scare tactics and fear.

The Qantas ad was also praised online for its inclusive representation. The ad’s writer and director Josh Whiteman responded by saying “that means the world”.

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