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Why Princes Harry And Andrew Aren’t Wearing Military Uniforms At The Queen’s Funeral

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are not wearing military uniforms at the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Who decides who wears a military uniform?

Buckingham Palace announced only working members of the Royal Family would be allowed to wear a military uniform during the funeral and other ceremonial events leading up to it.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Andrew, the Duke of York, are both no longer senior members of the Royal Family for different reasons, and will therefore be wearing morning dress during the ceremony Monday and the other events during the mourning period.

However, Buckingham Palace reportedly decided to grant Harry an exception, allowing him to wear his military attire for the 15-minute vigil to be held at the queen’s lying-in-state in Westminster Hall on Saturday, for her grandchildren.

The decision came following public backlash to the news that Andrew was granted approval to wear the attire at another vigil alongside his three siblings Friday “as a special mark of request” to his late mother.

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