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Why Taylor Swift’s relationship with Matty Healy is so controversial and has divided fans

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are reportedly dating. (Photo: Getty Images)

Taylor SwiftHer love life has long been in the spotlight, but she reports this month that she’s dating the 1975s. matty healy is especially stunned, as is his surprise announcement that he will be collaborating with rapper Ice Spice on the deluxe version of his midnight album.

The two stories are related. Here’s a breakdown:

Is Swift dating Healy?

While it’s unclear whether Swift, whose breakup with love of a lifetime Joe Alwyn went public last month, she’s bonded with Healy, the two of them at least spend time together. She has been seen together several times this month, once where they were supposedly kissing, and other times at his stops on “The Eras Tour”, where he has even performed. Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to Swift’s representative for comment.

Why are the Swifties divided over Healy?

His main problem is the appearance of Healy in The Adam Friedland Show in January, during which Healy and the two hosts, Friedland and Nick Mullen, laughed as they speculated about Ice Spice’s ethnicity, who is actually Nigerian and Dominican. for him Los Angeles Times, Friedland and Mullen referred to Ice Spice, who has at least been friends with Swift for years, as both an “Inuit spice girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady.” The co-hosts also made fun of the Chinese and Hawaiian accents, a bit that Healy seemed to enjoy. The troubled episode of the podcast was later pulled from both Apple and Spotify. That wasn’t the only controversy Healy raised during the interview. She also joked about masturbating to a video of a woman “being brutalized” on Ghetto Gaggers, a pornography website that primarily features black women.

Months later, Healy a bit he apologized, admitting on stage during a performance that “sometimes it can take it too far in front of too many people.” The singer added in April: “I don’t want Ice Spice to think I’m ad***. I love you Ice Spice. I’m so sorry.”

So whatever Swift and Healy’s exact relationship is, some fans are upset and are tweeting with the hashtag #SpeakUpNow, furthering a letter circulating the internet calling on Swift to address the situation.

News of an upcoming collaboration with Ice Spice didn’t help, prompting comments that it was a PR move.

What has Ice Spice said about all this?

So far, the artist seems to be excited about the remix of Swift’s song “Karma.” On the eve of its release on May 26, Ice Spice posted on Instagram, “thxx @taylorswift for being the coolest person in the world ilu.”

How this will all play out is yet to be determined, so check back for updates.

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