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Why This Video Of A London Tube Station Has Suddenly Gone Viral A Year Later

Brits might all be preoccupied with the current heatwave, but no-one has forgotten the last UK weather phenomenon which hit the headlines either – flash floods.

A video – which first went viral last summer – showing an underground station in London being completely flooded, has returned to highlight just how the climate crisis does not always mean the weather just gets hotter.

As chief features writer for the Financial Times, Henry Mance, tweeted on Tuesday: “Almost exactly a year ago, London was hit by flash floods.

“So yeah the Met Office is giving us warnings about heavy ran after a heatwave. This is how climate change works.”

It comes after the Met Office issued a yellow thunderstorm warning for parts of England for Wednesday, between 1pm and 9pm.

It’s a stark contrast to the wildfires which have popped up across the UK due to the record temperatures. A major incident has even been declared in London due to the “huge surge” in fires across the capital.

The lurching from one type of weather crisis to another has not escaped Twitter users either.

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