Winter potato soup: When you want a quick and easy winter meal

There’s always a time for tasty soup, but during the winter months and after a long day at work, you want something that will treat you well. A hot bowl of winter potato soup has you covered. It’s not just about throwing potatoes into a pot but this recipe adds layers of flavour that goes perfectly well with some crusty or pan-fried bread. It’s a recipe that takes almost no time to put together and still delivers on hearty flavours while you cozy-up this winter.

Winter potato soup suggestions

There are classic soup ingredients like onions, garlic cream and even a dash of chili. Chillies help lift flavours without making the soup spicy and we suggest a hefty amount of black pepper. Feel free to add some chopped leaks to form another classic potato and leak soup. If you’re not one for a chunky soup, a hand or immersion blender works wonders. Add some bacon bits for extra salt and just because bacon makes everything better.

Enjoy winter more with great food that’s quick and easy to make. A winter potato soup is a perfect family meal with some of your favourite buttered bread.

Looking for more tasty winter soup recipes to prepare for your family and friends? Just have a look at our recipe page, we have excellent suggestions for you to try.

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