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‘Wolf Sighting’ Turns Out To Be Roving Pack Of Saint Bernards

A person in Colorado may be feeling sheepish after reporting seeing wolves that authorities now say were actually Saint Bernard dogs.

The sheriff’s office noted that the distance, along with the “lighting and shadows,” are what led the individual to believe the animals were wolves. But there was a decidedly more floppy-eared explanation.

“Based on information the Sheriff has received, it is believed that the sighting was actually a group of large-breed St. Bernard dogs that live in the area and have a documented history of escaping their enclosure in the area,” the release said.

The dogs’ owner also “confirmed the five dogs were running loose” at the same time the “wolf” sighting occurred.

The roving slobberers are hardly only the domestic pets to have been mistaken for wildlife. Fluffy dogs have previously inspired reports of lions on the loose in Virginia and Spain. And a woman in California with a Maine coon cat named Spock told HuffPost in 2016 that multiple people had knocked on her door because they were concerned that she was harboring a bobcat.

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