World needs to understand ground realities about Afghanistan: Sheikh Rasheed

The two personalities conferred issues of the Afghan evacuation process and aid for the Afghan citizens in the meeting. Photo @ShkhRasheed/Twitter

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed in a meeting with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Thursday said that the world needs to understand the ground realities of Afghanistan. 

The two personalities conferred the issues of the evacuation process in Afghanistan and aid for the Afghan citizens in the meeting.

Rasheed said that the Taliban must ensure the availability of financial and human resources to govern the country. 

However, they should be given time to form a government and run the country effectively, he added.

Rasheed said that Pakistan wishes for durable peace in Afghanistan, as he discussed the country’s role in dealing with the crisis in the neighbouring country. 

He said that Pakistan is working 24/7 in facilitating the evacuation of Afghan citizens and foreigners present in Afghanistan.

In addition to this, Rasheed said that the country has also sent aid in form of food and medicines to Afghanistan on the basis of human empathy and it will continue this aid.

“In the context of the current situation, there are no Afghan refugees and no refugee camps in Pakistan,” said Rasheed.

Grandi said that Pakistan’s continuous role in hosting and accommodating 3 million Afghan refugees is laudable.

“We are grateful to Pakistan for providing security and visa facilities to the UN staff members,” said Grandi.

He said that the UN will not abandon the Afghan citizens in this crisis and will help them in every possible way.

The UN has moved the world nations to provide funds and aid for Afghanistan, he added.

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