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World Series Game 5: Houston Astros v Atlanta Braves – live!

This is the first season that I’ve actually kind of gotten into baseball—even that now-infamous/still-famous-depending-on-who-you-talk-to World Series we won, I just let it all happen in the background and enjoyed the victory. But I have to say, there’s something fun about watching the game (on TV), trying to work out whether the umpire is going to call a missed pitch a ball or a strike, and trying to remember that if an outfielder(?) catches the ball, that’s still an out (which kind of seems unfair for the batter, I mean they could do everything right and just because some chucklehead was in the right place with their glove out, all that effort is for nothing? But then, the game’s been played this way for decades and I just started paying attention in the last week or two, so maybe I should shut up).

The Series so far has certainly been… something. Disappointing? So far, yeah. I want to see at least one Astros win on the board—though, of course, I’d LIKE the trophy. But if we can get at least one win, then no matter what else happens, we have our dignity. And hey, if there’s one thing this year’s ALCS taught me, it’s that you can’t take your eye off the Astros (well, these Astros) for a second, because they’re always ready to turn the game around on you, they just need the chance. That trophy is definitely still up for grabs.

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