Worth The Faff Or Too Much Hassle? We Reviewed 5 Craft Kits

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The word craft gives some people the ick. Maybe they don’t have the patience, don’t see themselves as creative, or simply can’t be arsed. It’s can be a lot of effort sometimes, sure – but not all the time.

Either way, craft kit searches are up – and it’s no wonder given we’re stuck indoors all the time with little to do. Spotting a trend for “mindful craft”, John Lewis found sales of embroidery kits were up 1527% (!) compared to last year, cross stitch kits were up 261%, and craft kits sales, in general, are up 206%.

We decided to get in on the crafting – how hard can it be? Some of us on the HuffPost UK Life team enjoy craft, others are quite craft-adverse. Either way, we put these kits to the test to review – honestly – what they were like.

Are they confusing and complicated? Is the process more stressful than the result? Are the instructions long-winded? Does the product end up looking anything like it’s meant to? Or is it plain-sailing and easy? Here are our reviews, with a rating out of five of how easy they are to complete.

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