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Would you include Skims in your wedding?

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand Skims has developed a cult following for its everyday staples and intimates and neutral color palette, so much so that it has inspired a subgenre of “Duplicate and alternate skims.” Customer favorites include a form fit ballroom maxi dress that covers the body.

Last week, Skims expanded to girlfriend Featuring 63 styles of dresses, lingerie, shapewear and underwear, with some of their best sellers updated in white, baby blue and pink.

At first glance, a shapewear brand branching out into bridalwear may seem random, but it’s a common move for many intimates brands. wild x fenty and victoria’s secrettwo of Skims’ competitors, both have bridal shops.

According to Jackie Avrumson, a bridal stylist and consultant of 20 years, clients respond favorably to such expansions. “Everything is white, ivory and lace, and it’s her time to wear these pieces in those colors,” she said. “She just keeps them feeling like a girlfriend throughout their entire experience.”

Ms. Kardashian, founder and creative director of Skims, said clients wanted wedding-ready styles.

“We knew they were already wearing our tonal undergarments and shapewear under their dresses, but we heard more and more that they wanted additional options,” Ms. Kardashian said in an email. “So this year I wanted to offer a full range of special collections for brides, bridesmaids and guests.”

Among the 29 new styles are a mesh maxi dress with a lace neckline ($98), a cotton mini dress with a crystal beaded hem ($98), an elastic leg garter ($28) and silk cargo pants. ($198).

Pieces in the collection are designed to be worn over the wedding weekend: loungewear for getting ready, dresses for dinner parties, and bedroom sets for evening events. Lace and silk updates and body-hugging shapes also make the pieces feel on-trend for bridalwear, she said.

“Our goal was for our wedding store to feel like a modern twist on traditional wedding themes,” said Ms. Kardashian. “For example, we have delicate lace lingerie that people can expect, but with cuts that are fresh and sexy, as well as more unexpected pieces like a silk microskirt and bralette.”

southern casey, a 35-year-old content creator and part-time hairstylist from Rural Hall, North Carolina, bought a blue silk sleeveless dress from Skims to wear during her beach wedding next month. She liked the lace details and she felt that she could wear it as a nightgown or dress it up with heels and a blazer. She also liked the bridal mesh open top and short set, but ultimately decided not to buy it.

“It would be really nice for the bedroom,” he said, but he limited himself to wearing it in front of his family.

Ms. Avrumson said that due to the growing number of wedding events in recent years, “now more than ever, brides are looking for an experience throughout their entire journey. It’s not just about her wedding dress anymore.”

With #weddingtiktok racking up over 41 billion views, there’s a whole universe on the app where brides share every aspect of wedding planning, including their fashion choices for each event. Ms. Avrumson is starting a brand, called Silk threadwhich is a bridal edition that offers brides all the outfits they could possibly need for wedding-related events, minus the gown itself.

“He makes history not just for his wedding day,” he said, “but for his entire wedding planning experience.”

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