You can block YouTube ads by adding just one symbol to the URL

Turns out it’s very easy to get around YouTube ads (Photo by Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

A tech-savvy user on Reddit has uncovered a way to bypass the adverts on YouTube videos as well as circumvent various paywalls on news sites.

The trick involves simply adding a full stop after the domain name in the URL.

So, for example – becomes and the latter will load without adverts.

Apparently, the hack only works on desktop browsers and is due to larger websites using different hosting domains for ads and content. Adding the extra symbol fools the site into loading the content but none of the connected stuff – like cookies or adverts.

As Redditor u/unicorn4sale explains:

‘It’s a commonly forgotten edge case, websites forget to normalize the hostname, the content is still served, but there’s no hostname match on the browser so no cookies and broken CORS – and lots of bigger sites use a different domain to serve ads/media with a whitelist that doesn’t contain the extra dot.’

YouTube ads are how creators make money, though (Credits: Getty Images)

Some of the paywall-blocked sites the hack also works on include the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Atlantic.

Now, while it’s obviously great to browse YouTube and news sites sans adverts, keep in mind this is how many creators and companies make their living. So it’s up to you to use this new power responsibly.

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